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HOPE for Seniors, raises community awareness for 501(c)3's that serve the aging population.  The resource guide is filled with valuable educational articles from local professionals, who are experts in their field of industry specialty, senior resources.



Elizabeth Hope Steinman

Founder/CEO  HOPE for Seniors

Elizabeth Hope Steinman, originally from Connecticut, relocated to Florida in 2004 as a top Area Sales Director for LA Weight Loss Centers. Soon after, got married, had two children, and took a break from work to be a stay-at-home mom.

Upon becoming a single parent and needing to return to work, Elizabeth, with years of experience in selling Advertising in Connecticut, dove back into her original love.  She has now been an Independent Advertising Consultant for over 13 years in Palm Beach County.

Elizabeth began her career in Connecticut in her early 20s as a Promotional Director for Charles Jacquin, representing brands of cordials such as Chambord liquor, among others.

In 2015, Elizabeth created CONCIERGE, a publication aimed at raising community awareness for charities serving residents in Northern Palm Beach County. She represented organizations such as the Live Like Jake Foundation, Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope, Little Smiles, and Forever Frosty Foundation.

Recognizing during the COVID-19 pandemic how vulnerable the seniors in our community were, she became determined to use her past experience to improve the lives of seniors and their caregivers.

Elizabeth created HOPE for Seniors, a resource guide that raises community awareness for charities and nonprofits serving seniors and their caregivers in Palm Beach County.

Launched in 2023, Elizabeth has raised community awareness for organizations such as Gardens Jewish Experience (Early-Onset Dementia), Heart-to-Heart Outreach of South Florida and The Parkinson's Association Florida Chapter, The Alzheimer's Association Florida Chapter.

Currently she is working on the new issue benefitting "18 Charities" ALL who serve seniors and caregivers.  Elizabeth is looking forward to continuing the valuable work that she is doing.


Thank you to our
contributing benefactors & supporting sponsors


By working together and creating awareness

 HOPE for Seniors  fosters a stronger sense of community and improves the wellbeing of seniors in the county. The support from businesses and individuals in the community significantly enhance the outreach and impact of the resource guide, ensuring a brighter and more supported future for our aging population.

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